Chris Killip & Graham Smith: “Another Country” (1985)

Helen and Hula-Hoop, Seacoal Beach, Lynemouth, Tyneside, UK, 1984 by Chris Killip   His affection for the land and its people never blinded him to the toughness of ordinary existence.   By Richard Cork, Review of Another Country at Serpentine Gallery, September 12, 1985 Excerpt from New Spirit, New Sculpture, New Money: Art in the […]

Stephen Gill – ‘A Series of Disappointments’ (2010)

  Photographer Stephen Gill captures on film betting slips discarded in and around bookies in Hackney in north-east London.   A Series of Disappointments.  Photographs by Stephen Gill. Nobody, 2008.   Cat# ZD389    ISBN-13: 978-0955657719