Christian Patterson – “Bottom of the Lake” (2013)

With Bottom of the Lake, Christian Patterson revisits his hometown of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin (French for “Bottom of the Lake”) and weaves together visual threads related to his personal history and the town’s history, geography, climate and culture. Published by TBW Books, 2013. Available October 1, 2013.

INTERVIEW: “Dru Donovan” (2011)

Dru Donovan in conversation with J.W. Fisher about Lifting Water. New York 2011 J.W. Fisher: I probably should begin by stating that I feel very fortunate to have seen Lifting Water through it’s various stages from concept, to image-making, to editing, and final sequence. Would you mind talking about the cultivation of ideas for the […]

Interview with Mark Steinmetz (2011)

From Philip & Micheline, 2011 By Amelia Sechman and Paul Schiek, TBW Weekly Amelia Sechman: In an interview with Jörg Colberg, on his site Conscientious, you said you thought you would be a very bad German photographer because of the diversity in your subject matter and compositional approaches. How do you feel that being “raised,” […]