ASX.TV: The New School – “The Photographic Universe” (2011)

“Photography/Architecture/Site” – Walter Benn Michaels with James Welling “The Printed Picture” – Richard Benson with Frank Cost “The Role of Photography” – Charlotte Cotton with David Reinfurt Art, Media, and Technology at Parsons | The Photography Program in the School of Art, Media, and Technology at Parsons The New School for Design, the Aperture […]

ASX.TV: SF MOMA – “Is Photography Over?” (2010)

Given the nature of contemporary art practice, the condition of visual culture, the advent of new technologies, and many other factors, what is at stake today in seeing something as a photograph? What is the value of continuing to speak of photography as a specific practice or discipline? Is photography over? In April 2010, SFMOMA […]