2019: A Short Guide To White People & Their Photography Books

It was the best of years….   Once again it is that time of year where I try to drum up some sort of edit from all of the incredible work the photography book world offers up. This year is difficult as I felt it has been one of the strongest years in recent memory […]

Erik Kessels: SHIT and Empty Infantilism

“I think that this is an argument that needs definition and that in doing so, following it up with the above analysis mentioning of colluding Nazis to the smell of shit and gay activity to the Nazi and his shitting, we are reducing gay men to shit smelling Nazis whose sexuality is thus limited and demonized incorrectly”

Darren Harvey-Regan’s Chalk Muse: Reflections on Time in The Erratics

“The plinth and the chalk are symbiotic vehicles for vision. One bleeds into the other with precision, which given the cleanliness of the image is something to consider-to strip away millions of years of aggregate bio-mass and reduce it and time to the constraints of light and human hand presents a challenge to the eye”

Arthur Mole ‘Living Photographs’ : Patriotism and the Slippery Slope to Nationalism

“If these pictures have a palette, it is a logic of Caucasian biology and codified dress”. By Izabella Scott, ASX, December 2015 Arthur Mole’s “living portraits”, easily mistaken for small-town pansy decorations, are composed with bodies: ‘The Human Liberty Bell’ is concocted with the bodies of 15,000 soldiers; ‘A Living Portrait of Woodrow Wilson’, with […]

Interview Ruth Van Beek: Folded Dramas @ Unseen

 “For me the attraction of photography has always been very attached to it’s physical appearance. The old analogue album photo, a pass photo in a wallet, a damaged picture found on the street. The combination of what is on the image and the shape that its is in provides the image with an important extra […]

We Continue On Blithely With Our Own Economic Flagellation (2014)

  @ Penelope Umbrico We continue on blithely with our own economic flagellation.   By Michael Salu, ASX, December 2014 Earlier this year during a trip to Moscow, I neglected to switch off the data roaming on my smartphone. As you might expect, wandering environs beyond the remit of our communication overlords, I ran up […]

Pierced privacies served up hot and cold in KARMA (2014)

 @ Óscar Monzón Pierced privacies served up hot and cold in KARMA.   By Owen Campbell, ASX, December 2014 Óscar Monzón’s Karma is a book of shining surfaces on glossy paper, of sharp colors and high saturation but cold affect. As a document, Karma confounds interpretation by absence of context. There is almost no language to the […]

A Vast and Colorful Collection of Meta-transient Butt Plugs and Dildos

 from ‘Sale’ @ Tiane Doan na Champassak   A Vast and Colorful Collection of Meta-transient Butt Plugs and Dildos.   By Brad Feurhelm, ASX, November 2014   Tiane Doan na Champassak’s “Sale” by RVB Books is allegedly an examination of lost archive material sourced from the ever-shifting sands of the oracle known as the internet […]