Daniel Mayrit Fucks 100 Capitalists in Their Greed Ridden Mouths

In 2015, the people that rule our world are not concerned with their oral gesturing, their sweaty temples, or their dissenting eyes. They condemn the mass populace through the veil of hidden technologies, cleverly hidden behind boardrooms and at best, scratchy Skype call images. By Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, May 2015 The organ has no fixed […]

Bryan Adams – “Exposed” (2013)

Lindsay Lohan By Fanny Landstrom for ASX, June 2013 The idea of creating something beautiful out of nothing has always been my raison d’être and this book is no exception. Known for his achievements in the music industry, with monster hits such as, (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, and Summer of ’69, […]

walker evans

Walker Evans: “Message from the Interior”

  Evans’ interiors function like landscapes that open up towards other worlds, largely through the particular attention that he pays to the inanimate objects that are present, almost representing them as characters themselves.   Ghost is Guest By Anna Solal, Translated from French by Chris Farmer and Florian Aimard The book’s title – Message from […]


There is always an “us” and a “them”, isn’t there. You may be part of the “them’s” and you may be part of the “us”. I suppose that it depends on what you look like, your weight and sex, your skin color and where you came from or where you want to go. Also your […]