Clare Strand: I love Clare, I Hate Snake Too

“It is not wasted on me that photography and art in general is ceaseless in its need to supply novelty that masquerades as artistic genius for the sake of entertainment on the part of the audience”


  From 1975-1977, Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel selected photographs from a multitude of images that previously existed solely within the boundaries of the industrial, scientific, governmental and other institutional sources from which they were mined.  The project, “Evidence”, was funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, and was one of […]

LARRY SULTAN & MIKE MANDEL: “Matrix / Berkeley 61” (1983)

By Constance Lewallen, Berkeley Art Museum & Film Archive, Early May – Early June, 1983 The myth of the photograph as a perfect analogue of reality persists to this day. Though the photograph continues to be used as evidence-by police, by news media-we now know that a photograph cannot be totally objective. Every news photographer […]

Evidence – Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel (1977)

In 1977, photographers Larry Sultan (USA) and Mike Mandel (USA) published a book of photographs entitled Evidence. Accompanied by an exhibition in the same year at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, this project was the culmination of a three-year search through the files and archives of over one hundred American government agencies, educational […]