From 1975-1977, Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel selected photographs from a multitude of images that previously existed solely within the boundaries of the industrial, scientific, governmental and other institutional sources from which they were mined.  The project, “Evidence”, was funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, and was one of […]

LARRY SULTAN & MIKE MANDEL: “Matrix / Berkeley 61” (1983)

By Constance Lewallen, Berkeley Art Museum & Film Archive, Early May – Early June, 1983 The myth of the photograph as a perfect analogue of reality persists to this day. Though the photograph continues to be used as evidence-by police, by news media-we now know that a photograph cannot be totally objective. Every news photographer […]

Evidence – Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel (1977)

In 1977, photographers Larry Sultan (USA) and Mike Mandel (USA) published a book of photographs entitled Evidence. Accompanied by an exhibition in the same year at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, this project was the culmination of a three-year search through the files and archives of over one hundred American government agencies, educational […]