MARIANNE MUELLER: “Because the Pictures I See Don’t Exist” (2008)

By Marianne Mueller, The Proper Ornaments, Edition Patrick Frey, Zurich, 2008 I am interested in fundamentals, in the conditions and constraints of being. Vulnerability, the everyday, banality and intimacy. Peripherals. Abstraction, energy. • What happens to things, to the shadows of trees on a wall, to pennants fluttering on a parking lot, to the sound […]

MARIANNE MUELLER: "The Flock" (2005)

By Marianne Müller, Brooklyn, NY, 1/25/2001. (Excerpts from an interview) “All the years, I have watched them, you know” – John Mandato On His Pigeons Since when? When I started flying birds? Since I was about fourteen. No, not over here. Where I used to live years ago. I was fourteen years old and, ah, […]