Looking Back, Looking Around – The Photography of David Freund

 Untitled, 1978-82 from At the Pump By Steven Skopik, Published originally in the catalog for the exhibition So Far So Good, (Mahwah: Ramapo College, 2007), pp. 1-7. Retrospectives are a lot like photographs. Both produce the illusion of order by means of a not-so-evident selectivity. The photograph’s striking descriptive fidelity appears to capture the world’s […]


From 1971-1981, John Banasiak photographed Chicago and surrounding areas at night. During that time, Banasiak would wander around the city at night, looking for quiet scenes he describes as “stage sets just waiting for the players to arrive.” http://www.josephbellows.com/ (All rights reserved. Images @ Joseph Bellows Gallery.)