JACOB HOLDT: “Misery and Love” (French)

By Anna Solal Jacobs Holdt a été vagabond pendant cinq ans, c’est aujourd’hui un photographe danois un peu fou et fasciné par la généalogie, prêcheur contre le racisme. Il semble, ce qui est un peu absurde, ne pas encore avoir fait l’objet d’exposition. Crues et tendres, ses photographies nous font pénétrer dans les coulisses de […]

Jacob Holdt: “Not Born in the USA – A Vagabond’s Views” (1986)

He had tea in the garden of a Mrs. Pabst, wife of a multimillionaire brewer. When Holdt showed her the photographs he had been taking in his travels, Mrs. Pabst would shriek, “I hate these lazy animals. Why don’t they get jobs?” Not born in the USA – A Vagabond’s Views By Jon Vankin, The […]

Jacob Holdt: My Travels with a Nomad

  Wealth can make people insensitive. I’ve always promised myself I would never let that happen to me.   By Anita Roddick Last year I crossed the great divide, traveling through rural areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia for my first look at extreme poverty in America. To be poor anywhere is always hard, […]