Michael Jang: “The Jang’s”

Abby and Sam Corner a Cat, 1973 By David Spalding Sometimes the subjects in Michael Jang’s photographic time capsule, “The Jangs,” perform for the camera: Uncle Monroe decked out in his golfing gear, reclines on a shag sectional like a suburban Odalisque. Elsewhere, they seem unaware of the young photographer documenting their domestic routines and […]

Not Fade Away: The Face of German History in Michael Schmidt’s Ein-heit (2003)

Not Fade Away: The Face of German History in Michael Schmidt’s Ein-heit By Michael W. Jennings, October, 2003 Fotografieren verboten. Photography forbidden. Is this the coded message that stutters at us in a central image from the photoessay U-ni-ty (Ein-heit) by the contemporary Berlin photographer Michael Schmidt? The cropped image of a sign, perhaps a […]

Martina Hoogland Ivanow: “Satellite” (2010)

By Johan Croneman I catch myself leaning into Martina Hoogland Ivanow’s pictures. True, my eyesight isn’t good, but that’s not the reason. I press my ear to them because I expect to hear something. It’s been a long time I saw images that were so quiet. They’re so completely embedded. If they were to speak, you’d […]

MARIANNE MUELLER: “Because the Pictures I See Don’t Exist” (2008)

By Marianne Mueller, The Proper Ornaments, Edition Patrick Frey, Zurich, 2008 I am interested in fundamentals, in the conditions and constraints of being. Vulnerability, the everyday, banality and intimacy. Peripherals. Abstraction, energy. • What happens to things, to the shadows of trees on a wall, to pennants fluttering on a parking lot, to the sound […]

Michael Schmidt: “Thoughts About My Way of Working” (1979)

By Michael Schmidt, Camera Magazine #3, March, 1979 Photography was invented to enable us to portray reality with complete precision to the last detail. There is no other medium – apart from media which derive from the invention of photography (e.g. film and television) – which is in a position to document reality exactly as […]

The Practice of Not Forgetting – Milton Rogovin in Buffalo’s Lower West Side

  Rogovin photographed what he calls “the forgotten ones” in storefront churches, the neighborhoods of the Lower West Side and Buffalo’s East Side, and in former steel mills of Lackawanna and Buffalo.   Excerpt from The Forgotten Ones It is like a movie set without actors. This Saturday morning in April 2008, Main Street in […]

Miroslav Tichý – Tarzan Retired

In the 1960s he began to neglect his appearance. He didn’t cut his hair or trim his beard and he wore a ragged black suit.   Miroslav Tichý: Tarzan Retired By Roman Buxbaum “O làsce šeptal tichý mech” (Of love murmured the quiet moss) Karel Hynek Màcha, Màj (1836) When I was a little boy, […]

Mark Klett, Photography, and the Reinvention of Landscape (2001)

SF Panorama, 1990 Another Look At The West – View Finder: Mark Klett, Photography, and the Reinvention of Landscape By Stephen Longmire, Afterimage, July 2001 We now view landscape photographs, both past and present, much like the shadows on the walls of Plato’s cave. They are artifacts of what we think we know about the land, […]

marilyn minter

Marilyn Minter: New Work

New Work: Marilyn Minter By Joshua Shirkey In 1969 the photographer Diane Arbus visited a class at the University of Florida in Gainesville and, as a guest instructor, led a critique of the students’ artwork. Marilyn Minter, an undergraduate at the time, was not enrolled in the class, but her professor encouraged her to bring […]