Five or Sex Questions for BP Laval

“I personally cannot even “see” porn anymore. Perhaps I am desensitized, but I fail to adhere to the moralistic innuendo that is applied to a word like pornography.”

20 Years of Planetary Alignment in Ed Templeton’s ‘Wayward Cognitions’

@ Ed Templeton These are the moments when the planets are aligned, when the eyes of the passer-by meet the camera and when metaphor slides into reality.   By Owen Campbell, ASX, February 2015 There’s a signature expression in an Ed Templeton photograph; it’s not something that he gravitates to, rather, it’s something that occurs […]

ED TEMPLETON: “Deformer” (2008)

By Doug Rickard The “Epic Experiment to Break Ed’s Spirit” would begin when little Ed Templeton was just a wee young lad. A cast of characters were put into motion that would attempt to affect and influence Ed, to “deform” him and to warp and bend his pure and unblemished shape. The roles that they […]