Daniel Shea: A Purpose-Built Citadel of Economic Despair

“What do the citadels of disaster capitalism tell us about our New World Reich-The Trump Tower, but also the Lehman Brothers buildings, the ING Insurance Corp building, the Rockefeller Center etc? It tells that Epcot Center looks great on bath salts under all those gleaming lights and mirrored windows-prohibitive to the many, inviting to the few”.

Webber Gallery Space @ Unseen

”It seems to us that there is a huge shift in how the industry and photographers are operating and the lines between fine art and commercial photography are blurring, paving the way for young photographers who are prepared to take risks and establish a career across both worlds. As a commercial agency we have always […]

An Interview with Daniel Shea @ Unseen- “The Elasticity of Photography”

”I think I used to distrust these established conventions for understanding photographic-ness, but I really think that most artists aren’t really interested in pushing against them, because the myths have been long debunked. I think it’s more useful to think about photography’s elasticity, or as an example, its relationship to moving images”. Brad Feuerhelm with […]