Dennis Cooper on Art, Serial Killers, Social Media and His Book GONE

Brad Feuerhelm talks to the controversial author about art, serial killers, social media and the book GONE published by Infinity Land Press. Dennis Cooper is an American writer, artist, and critic living in Paris. His writing often features dark sexual imagery and critical prose investigations on the topics of murder, death, and the inadequacy of […]

Stephen Shore – “Interview – Uncommon Places” (2011)

The second half of the interview with photographer Stephen Shore. Stephen talks in detail about his wonderful compositional style and explains how his techniques have changed as he experimented with new equipment.   ASX CHANNEL: STEPHEN SHORE  

Stephen Shore – “Interview – American Surfaces” (2011)

An interview shot on location at the Armory Show in New York with acclaimed photographer Stephen Shore. Stephen discusses his formative years working closely with Andy Warhol at The Factory and the New York art scene before he began the epic journey that introduced colour photography to the art world.   ASX CHANNEL: STEPHEN SHORE  

Stephen Gill – ‘A Series of Disappointments’ (2010)

  Photographer Stephen Gill captures on film betting slips discarded in and around bookies in Hackney in north-east London.   A Series of Disappointments.  Photographs by Stephen Gill. Nobody, 2008.   Cat# ZD389    ISBN-13: 978-0955657719 

John Szarkowski – “A Life in Photography”

  From 1962 to 1991, John Szarkowski served as the Director of the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This documentary examines Szarkowski’s rich life as guided by the lens — both curator and photographer. Ultimately he was a man who helped to establish photography as a true and […]

ASX.TV: Alec Soth – “Jeu de Paume” (2009)

Les photographies d’Alec Soth puisent leur racine dans la tradition de Walker Evans, Robert Frank et Stephen Shore. Sa représentation du quotidien fait apparaître la complexité d’une société américaine construite sur des idéaux d’indépendance, de liberté, de spiritualité, et d’individualisme.