ROSWELL ANGIER: “Sticky Floors and White Men Roars”

  By Doug Rickard, for ASX Stripper-stretch marks and desert-devil-dust... Mexican-Men with Tequila-Worm-Lust... jiggling breasts and White Men roars, sticky palms and sticky floors... booze-boars and bottle-breath, broken-teeth smiles and flailing-fist-death... curse and crawl, stumble and fall... warm wind blows through desert-window holes, pitiful views, coming in two's... alcohol-slaves. Mad howls and nasty scowls, jukebox-caves, [...]

Child’s Play in Helen Levitt’s Early Photographs (2009)

By focusing her lens specifically on the urban street child, Levitt revived an iconographic tradition that gained significance in nineteenth century realist traditions concerned with the fate of the urban poor.   By Elizabeth Gand, “Child’s Play in Helen Levitt’s Early Photographs” “The unconscious obsession we photographers have is that wherever we go we want to […]

Daido Moriyama – “An Evening with Daido Moriyama” (2011)

  #21 – Daido Moriyama Before his discussion at Japan Society and re-staging of PRINTING SHOW at Aperture Foundation in New York City, we sat down with iconic Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama to talk about his career, interests and future projects.

‘The’ American Photographer – William Klein (2003)

William Klein is an American photographer. One is tempted to say that he is the American photographer   By Anthony Lane, Excerpt from Nobody’s Perfect: Writings from the New Yorker William Klein is an American photographer. One is tempted to say that he is the American photographer; among his coevals, only Richard Avedon can match […]

Henri-Cartier Bresson: “Arrogant Purpose” (1947)

Not all of Cartier-Bresson’s photographs are of equal merit. Certain of them are tinged with that artiness which, whether plastic or anecdotal, has so far haunted almost all ambitious photography in the twentieth century. By Clement Greenberg and John O’Brian (Feb 15, 1988) Excerpt from Review of the Whitney Annual and Exhibitions of Picasso and Henri Cartier-Bresson, The Nation, […]


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