Surface Politics: Mark Duffy’s Vote NO. 1

“Already rife with distrust, crooked smiles, and manufactured cutout econo-kit fashions, these images betray their ultimate aim, which is to represent an ideology through a gesture of the candidate’s ¾ portrait.”

Charlotte Lybeer and the Teletubby Who Hung Himself

Charlotte Lybeer’s “Epidermis II” for APE is not about teletubbies or suicide, but it is about the veil or a practice of shrouding oneself called “Zentai”, which like all things post-taboo seems to be Japanese in origin.

Satoshi Fujiwara: This City on Rails, It Pivots Relentlessly

”The whole city though I am only in a neighborhood seems capable of changing its face as I am carried through it offering possibilities for omni-architectural and urban planning on rails”. I have this repeating dream in which I am in an urban environment not dissimilar to Berlin. The buildings have a late nineteenth century […]