ASX.TV: Lise Sarfati – “Conversation with Lise Sarfati” (2010)

Photographer Lise Sarfati discusses her bodies of work, ‘The New Life’ and ‘Fashion Magazine’, in which the themes of adolescent detachment and dreaming run through both. Interview: Catherine Camille Cushman Stephen Blaise Producer: Marianne Fabre-Lanvin Translators: Florence Vacher Marianne Fabre-Lanvin Editors: Catherine Camille Cushman Florence Vacher Daniele Testi   BOOKS: Lise Sarfati * The New Life […]

ASX.TV: Pieter Hugo – “50 Degrés Nord” (2010)

Cinquante degrés nord c’est votre rendez-vous quotidien d’actualité culturelle sur ARTE Belgique. C’est 45 minutes de convivialité où Éric Russon vous emmène à la découverte de tous les domaines artistiques aux quatre coins de la Belgique. C’est l’avis de chroniqueurs passionnés, pour mieux comprendre, pour mieux aimer, pour mieux partager. Cinquante degrés nord pousse la […]

ASX.TV: SF MOMA – “Is Photography Over?” (2010)

Given the nature of contemporary art practice, the condition of visual culture, the advent of new technologies, and many other factors, what is at stake today in seeing something as a photograph? What is the value of continuing to speak of photography as a specific practice or discipline? Is photography over? In April 2010, SFMOMA […]

ASX.TV: Ari Marcopoulos – “Detroit 2009″ (2009)

Detroit 2009 is a new publication from Dashwood Books by Ari Marcopoulos, this time employing that citys industrial ruins as backdrop for an intimate portrait of two teenage noise musicians. Marcopoulos video documenting their performance is featured in this years Whitney Biennial. The stills in this book, shot simultaneously, work to flesh out its environs, […]

ASX.TV: Man Ray – “L’Etoile de Mer” (1928)

The Starfish // L’Etoile de Mer L’Étoile de Mer (English: The Sea Star) is a 1928 film directed by Man Ray. The film is based on a script by Robert Desnos and depicts a couple (Alice Prin and André de la Rivière) acting through scenes that are shot out of focus. Director: Man Ray Writer: […]

ASX.TV: Man Ray – “Emak Bakia” (1926)

“Inventions of light forms and movements” is the way Man Ray described the films he made in the 1920s. The title of his 1926 film Emak Bakia comes from an old Basque expression that means “don’t bother me.”