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William Eggleston: Introduction to ‘Ancient and Modern’ (1992)

“In the late Sixties Eggleston turned to the use of color transparency film and photographed prolifically. William Eggleston: Introduction to Ancient and Modern By Mark Holborn William Eggleston was driving with the writer Stanley Booth from Georgia to Tennessee. It was 1978 and Eggleston had acquired an early Kodak instant camera. He started to photograph […]

William Eggleston – “Sit-In at the Fotomat” (2010)

Looking at Eggleston’s Before Color pictures, newly reborn, requires an odd energy of de-colorization.   By Tim Davis For years, Tod Papageorge, the head of the Photography Department at the Yale University School of Art, would begin student critiques of color pictures with the question, “Why color?” Color was an aesthetic choice and Papageorge felt […]

WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Before Color” (2010)

By Doug Rickard William Eggleston is a “Southern” artist. Without a deeper explanation, this statement itself could mean a few things. If you look at the body of his work on the whole, the majority of it (almost all) is set within the Southern environs of the US… places like Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and […]

William Eggleston: Preface from Election Eve (1977)

On the eve of the election, when nothing had yet been decided, when everything–whatever that everything was–hung in the balance, Eggleston made an elegy…a statement of perfect calm. Preface from Election Eve By Lloyd Fonvielle William Eggleston made these photographs in and around Plains, Georgia –and along the route of his journey there from Mississippi–on […]