Valerio Polici – Interno

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…The book is well-sequenced and edited by the Studiofagnel team, with passages of images coordinated by gold and brown to off-white images of textiles and walls. A labyrinthian element asks the viewer to navigate through the corridors of Polici’s world akin to reading Borges. Nothing is inevitable, but the viewer’s ability to create relationships with the work remains autonomous. An errant wig, a moth-eaten fabric, and the occasional discorporated body fade in and out of an overhead light, dimly illuminating dust, decay, and the cold stone that surrounds. I have watched tourists from afar squeeze into and out of the narrow limestone passages of Turkey’s Derinkuyu underground limestone complex to a similar effect, not knowing its exact purpose and feeling at once secure and claustrophobic, choked-off…

… As a book, it makes a tremendous unintentional statement against the boorish wake that we find ourselves wading with several prominent publishers going through the exact tired pre-pandemic types of publications they were known for and gives some room for new voices. Recommended…



Original Press (From Italian)



photography: Valerio Polici
editing: Sara Occhipinti
design: Andrea Occhipinti

publisher: studiofaganel, 2023

pages: 64
size: 29 x 20.5 cm
circulation: 300 trade editions + 20 special editions with an original photograph by Valerio Polici.
English language

print: Poligrafiche San Marco, Italy
typeface: Libre Bodoni
papers: Fedrigoni Sirio Color Royal Green 115g, Fedrigoni Sirio Color Cashmire 140g, Fedrigoni Tatami White 135g

ISBN: 978-88-946628-4-9


Born during the second edition of Antonio Biasiucci’s irregular laboratory, Interno is a project that investigates two opposing forces.
On the one hand, the need to slow down my pace in photography and move with extreme rigor. Decrease the motion, and minimize the action in the framed scene to invite a slower observation that would allow the emergence of a disturbing element.
On the other, the possibility of creating a story without a script. Floating between the internal spaces, hence the title, letting the photographs, one after the other, suggest hypothetical stories.
The coexistence of familiarity and distance, of attraction and repulsion, is the uncertain space in which these images move. _ Valerio Polici



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