Ai Weiwei – Art, Awareness and the Refugee Crisis


Exiled in Europe, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has made the refugee crisis central to his work. We accompanied him behind the scenes of his latest film ‘Human Flow’. Ai Weiwei: Is he only an uncomfortable critic or one of the most brilliant artists of our time? Subject to government surveillance, detention and house arrest in China he moved to Berlin in 2015. Now he’s taking Europe to task, protesting against, and devoting his work, to what he sees as its catastrophic refugee policies. A DW film team has been following him around the world for more than a year. A lonely rubber boat is drifting in the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece. In it, Ai Weiwei. He cannot swim. Is this performance art? “We are all refugees,” he says. Ai Weiwei displays his solidarity with the refugees and goes to meet them in Greece, Turkey and Gaza, producing a major documentary on the way.

Check out our web special on the film “Ai Weiwei drifting”:

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