ASX.TV: Broomberg & Chanarin – Studio Visit (2015)

Tate visits artists Broomberg & Chanarin in their studio as they prepare for their performance piece ‘War Primer 2’, staged at Tate Modern as part of the ‘Conflict, Time, Photography’ exhibition.

Broomberg & Chanarin created this unique performance in response to the themes of Tate Modern’s ‘Conflict, Time, Photography’ exhibition. Featuring eighteen army cadets aged between 14 and 17, the performance presents procession, poetry and military drumming alongside the photography of war.

In the studio we get a glimpse of their works in progress, using materials from toothpicks to Dodo heads. We also learn how, having lost faith in traditional “photographic engagement”, Broomberg & Chanarin overcame this so called crisis by using their photography to become “counter insurgents” in a pre-existing system of power.


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