Gritty 1980’s NYC and the Glorious Intuition of Richard Sandler

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“Street photography is very difficult. The number of really good pictures that you get is very small in comparison to the number of pictures taken. You’re better off, I think, letting your intuition completely run wild… and even when you find yourself in a situation where the subject matter is really interesting, it is still hard to make a good picture, because how you put that subject matter into the frame is a huge issue. Also, people are moving and things are moving, so it’s a lot to orchestrate… that’s why i say that street photography is the perfect medium for obeying your intuition. It’s very much like meditation, in the sense that you’re in the moment and responding to it. Personally, I try to eliminate extraneous thoughts when i’m shooting. At worst it’s a wonderful psychological and diaristic exercise… at best you get a compelling image. When you don’t get good pictures at least you have the experience of having being ‘in the moment’ all day long, and that’s a very good thing… and it’s like any art form: it focuses you.”

Richard Sandler

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