Bob Dylan in the Summer of ’64 – ‘Too Scruffy’ for LOOK Magazine

E007-5 Dylan

Bob Dylan at home, smoking in yard, Woodstock, NY


Bob Dylan and Ramblin’ Jack Elliot in Greenwich Village, NY

E014-11 Dylan

Bob Dylan and John Sebastian on Triumph motorcycle

E025 19 Dylan

Bob Dylan, day performance at Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI

E017 7a Dylan

Bob Dylan watching Dean Martin at home, Woodstock, NY

E010-22 Dylan

Bob Dylan on Triumph, behind Cafe Espresso, Woodstock, NY


Bob Dylan at home waving to poet Allen Ginsberg, Woodstock, NY

E021 23 Dylan

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez performing at Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI

E012 25 Dylan

Bob Dylan lighting up at the Kettle of Fish Bar, Greenwich Village, NY

In July of 1964, one year before his music changed from acoustic to electric, I photographed Bob Dylan for LOOK magazine. I spent time with him at his home in Woodstock, New York, in Greenwich Village, and at the Newport Folk Festival. The story was never published. After reviewing the proposed layout, the editors declared Dylan to be “too scruffy for a family magazine” and killed the story.

Douglas Gilbert


Book Available from Da Capo Press: Forever Young: Photographs of Bob Dylan by Douglas R. Gilbert with text by Dave Marsh.


(All rights reserved. Text and images @ Douglas Gilbert.)

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