A Vast and Colorful Collection of Meta-transient Butt Plugs and Dildos


 from ‘Sale’ @ Tiane Doan na Champassak


A Vast and Colorful Collection of Meta-transient Butt Plugs and Dildos.


By Brad Feurhelm, ASX, November 2014


Tiane Doan na Champassak’s “Sale” by RVB Books is allegedly an examination of lost archive material sourced from the ever-shifting sands of the oracle known as the internet and the subsequent re-archiving and re-purposing of what is tantamount to a collection of dildo sales. It is not the dildos themselves used to illustrate the book for sale, but rather the re-purposing of the “Sale” itself. The original listings of the dildos have ephemerally vanished from the web due to a fire in the holdings of former porn actress “Noname Jane” and as a result she subsequently shut down her site offering an end to the sale listings Champassak has since collated. The site itself was used as a platform where she sold the pleasurable material on-line to raise funds to have monies for other things, perhaps a new Doc Jonson warhead. Who knows?

The point is that she put all of her collection on the internet in 2007 for the express purpose of selling her vast assembly of colorful “guaranteed used” (unless noted) dildo’s to the suspecting public for what seems like absurdly low prices. There are whimsical captions “This is Camouflage studded butt plug I used for a military photo shoot for Joshua Model” and little asides written on each offering found in the book about the use of said dildo.

In any event, the story goes is that Tiane stumbled across Noname Jane’s offerings after she had the fire in a quest to purchase the “thing itself”, the collection of physical dildos and spent frantic time trying to contact her to which ended with a note about the disastrous fire. Since then, he has been wading in the slipstream of the dildo Google inquests and has been searching out latent postings about the collection that pop up and out from time to time.

Noname Jane, having been a star in over 300 films, whose titles include “Nuttin Honeys”, Volumes 1&3, (but sadly not 2), “Cum Gums 3”, and “Legal Skin 3”. Finished off her career in 2007 on the set of “Barefoot Confidential 48”. Noname has left pornography since, probably. Possibly.

On the collective whole, the book is a fun and humorous look into our collective pre-occupation with sex, fan-hood, and Internet vernacular. It is reminiscent of Thomas Mailaender’s toilet humor with enough difference to intellectually engage on the same level of absurdity without being too close. It also shares that certain cache of rumination on the mediatized meta-transient collection of images on the Internet that we are under the constant observation of.

Tiane Doan na Champassak has re-purposed this lost archive into a slim oversize newspaper print volume for RVB Books to great effect.




Soft cover
44 pages
21 photographs
Edition of 400 numbered copies

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