ASX.TV: Rare Footage – David LaChapelle Shooting Tupac Shakur


“(Tupac) just was an artist.  Rap was his medium and he also did films… you know, he was one of those kids that could have done anything.  He would have evolved and kept changing.  He was the kind of person that was at ease with every type of person. You didn’t have to be a gangster to get along with Tupac. You didn’t have to front with him, you could be yourself.  He went to art school. He had a broad mind, he was enlightened.  I did connect with him the first time we met and hit it off. He had just got out of prison.  He was the artist that didn’t have to look over his shoulder and ask his publicist or manager what they thought. He could make a decision intuitively, quickly, he was his own man, an artist.  You find that a lot of people are products and pushed into what they do.”

– David LaChapelle, 2007






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