ASX.TV: Takashi Murakami – “Arhat” (2013)

Having been long-time admirers of Takashi Murakami and, at the same time, given countless opportunities to extensively cover his prolific works of art, there was no doubt that we wouldn’t be there for the opening of Murakami’s “Arhat” exhibition and world premier of his film, “Jellyfish Eyes.” Taking place at Blum & Poe Los Angeles, we were given the pleasure of joining Murakami for a chat on the current exhibition and his experiences with making his first feature film. In our video interview, he discloses the differences in his approach to gallery work and live-action adaptation — an area where he admits he has “no technique” in. Anxious at the thought of being considered “old” and “boring,” to Murakami, creating the film was a chance to explore other facets of creativity while offering therapy to his wandering mind, and it must be working, as he has already finished filming a sequel to Jellyfish Eyes. For those fortunate to be in the Los Angeles area, it is highly recommended that you check out the exhibition as it will be running until May 25.

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