ASX.TV: Marie Schuller – “The Glow and the Gloom” (2011)

FILM TITLE: The Glow and the Gloom
DIRECTOR’S NAME: Marie Schuller

The Glow and the Gloom is a fashion film showcasing the most stunning garments of S/S201. The films showcases the lighter and darker sites of the current collections. An innocent beauty with a sinister feel.
The Glow and the Gloom combines elements of performance, music and light design. A suggested narrative creates a loose structure around our heroine within a sinister yet beautiful world. Guided by a never revealed power, be it an actual person or an emotional source within herself that causes her state of trance, our heroine moves around her surroundings, revealing a dark and brooding world.

Marie Schuller is a German born film maker who resettled to London in 2003. She creates fashion films with her brother in Paris or her collaborators in London and also works since 2010 as Nick Knight’s film editor at SHOWstudio in London.

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