Sometimes the combining of two items, two individuals or two styles, two colors, or two races, two nationalities or two emotions, two boys or two girls, two sexes or two places… or two ages or all of these things… sometimes these things can work together to create a result that goes far beyond the simple doubling of the items. Occasionally this result goes far beyond the 2 + 2 and becomes the 2 squared… an exponential result and so much more then if pulled apart. Of course, this principal is recited in the business world so often as to become a cliche (teamwork! partnering! group goals!) and even in marriage, it is a mantra and a principle at the core. The sum of the parts equals far greater than the whole. Now comes “Coney Island” by Baptiste Lignel & Johnny Miller. Like Noah and his big ol’ ark – the sum of these parts equals so much more. With Coney Island as a backdrop, shapes and colors, humans and objects, sounds and smells… “feelings” and “vibe” all work in juxtaposition becoming a symphony of sorts… a song if you will to those things that hum along and bump and grind and make up our world. It is a snapshot into a place and the place is amplified… cool and vibrant with energy in spades… inventive and flowin’ and buzzin’ like a roar. From the front to the back, take a ride on this bus Jack. This view is gonna make you chuckle and frown, smile and stare… linger for awhile and come back for more. Look at the rich and look at the poor… feel the boardwalk and the sticky mess on the floor. Get out in the sun and shoot that carnival gun… gnaw on a bone and yack on your phone… get sand in your crack and strap your kid on your back… Get dirty, get loud, get NYC and and get busy! Bravo Guys. Regards, Doug Rickard Coney Island Photographs by Johnny Miller and Baptiste Lignel. Text by Sophie and Bruce Gilden Trans Photographic Press, , 2009. Hardbound. 72 pp., 70 four color illustrations, 8-1/2×13″. For more of American Suburb X, become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. (© Doug Rickard, 2010. All rights reserved. All images © copyright the photographer and/or publisher)

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