RYAN FOERSTER: Black and Blue…

Ryan Foerster’s dimly lit photographs seem to heave and slowly move with the warm organic breath of a human chest while emanating out of the paper a moist human scent. Friends and lovers melt off of the photographs and out to the viewer from somewhere deep… hidden beneath layers of color, layers of liquid and layers of clear, odorless, sweat. Savor it… breath it in… listen to the human music and enjoy this palpable, primal visual pleasure.

In these days of a fast-food-computerized-photographic-onslaught, this work my friends is something of a treasure.

From his last show…

“Black & Blue is the first institutional solo show by Ryan Foerster. His previous exhibition, “Rats in the Hall”, took place in his basement apartment hallway with rats. Black & Blue offers a new body of work, sculptures and photographs that depart from biographical experiences to connect the line between privacy and exposure. Also available is the latest installment of the free zine ‘Foerster’.”


Doug Rickard


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